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I have had the exciting opportunity to work as the sole designer of the rebrand for the Aéropostale x Bluenotes brand between 2022-2023, reshaping how we are portrayed to our customer.

My goal for the rebrand was to appeal to a more modern audience of Gen Z and early millenials. The concept I kept in mind while designing for this audience was to be playful and tounge-in-cheek, while still being realistic and grounded. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to fashion, so I wanted to create an environment where looking good (and feeling good) felt more attainable.

Web Design

Oops! The web design portion of this page is under construction.

Social Media

Social media design is different than the purpose of the company's web assets. They are less promotional, and more aesthetic-based.

Creating assets for social media is very interesting, as there are many different factors in the development and execution of the marketing process. I find it important to create a goal for each post – is this intended to fill space on the company's account page, to form a visual aesthetic? Is it being used to promote a certain product, or is it used to tell a certain narrative?

Below is a variety of different posts, that although they each have a different purpose, they still create a cohesive aesthetic for the company. This creates brand awareness while promoting the product a bit more subtly.

All designs are property of Thriftys Inc.