Beggin' Strips Redesign




Spring 2021



This redesign project was my first introduction to packaging under industry standards and is what made me fall in love the specialized area of package design.

This rebrand of Beggin' Strips dog treats was fully designed under legal packaging guidelines in the province of Ontario and was overlooked by a Purina and Beggin' brand designer.

Dogs are playful and inviting – so shouldn't their treat packaging be?


The objective of the Beggin' redesign was to give the packaging a much more modern, illustrative look that was fun, minimalistic and full of movement, keeping with an energy that is similar to that of a dog.


How can I completely refresh a popular brand while maintaining familiarity of the old pack?


A new logo was designed using a calligraphic typeface with a customized letter 'B'. This, accompanied by a rounded sans serif for the secondary type made the new pack look illustrative and clean. Adding arches to the main logo, along with using a circular bar along the bottom keeps the package looking rhythmic and full of energy. The new pack also features a clear plastic window in the shape of the strip, giving a preview of the treats inside.

A similar colour scheme to the original pack was kept to maintain brand familiarity with a longterm clientele. The flavour variations, shown through use of colour, were also kept consistent from the original brand extensions for this reason.

A brand new Hamlet (the dog mascot) was designed to keep with the illustrative and minimalistic approach. The process behind designing him was to create a dog that felt much more friendly, inviting and cute than the previous incarnation.