CIBC Redesign (Concept)


Brand Marketing
User Interface (UI)


Fall 2020



For this project, I was tasked with redesigning a well-established brand identity. As a staple in Canadian culture and history, I knew redesigning CIBC would be a fun challenge for me to explore different ways of interpreting a familiar set of visuals for a modern audience.

Working on this project gave me the opportunity to explore different areas of design, and how critical it is to design a visual identity that is fluid and versatile enough to be applied to a wide variety of application.

How do you redesign a well-established brand in a way that appeals to multiple generations?


After completing research on CIBC's history as one of the first major Canadian banks, it was clear to me that the company was in need of a refreshed identity in order to maintain visual relevancy with modern design styles.

The objective for this project was to design a new brand identity for the CIBC company, evoking a sense of modernism, professionalism and innovation.


How can I find the perfect balance between designing a modern and minimalistic logo while being reminiscent of the previous incarnations?


The new logo was designed using the company's pre-existing colour scheme to maintain brand consistency and familiarity with the public audience. Using sans serif type for all typography keeps every design consistent, modern and clean. With this new redesign, CIBC feels more approachable while maintaining its level of professionalism. In doing so, the bank captures a newer, younger audience while maintaining familiarity with longer-term clientele.

This project was completed before the company's September 2021 redesign.